Reinventing Library, Reinforcing Children

The main purpose of this paper is the presentation of work with children and young adults at The Public Library „Žarko Zrenjanin“ in Zrenjanin. There are four types of activities at the library: traditional, workshops, new and experimental. Traditional manifestations are The Poetic Relay, The Reading Badge and The Fairytale Quizz. The Poetic Relay is longest lasting children activity at the library which had begun in 1975. It is also the most massive one, since it is performed in more than 60 schools with about 10.000 participants every year. Since it had started, more than 40 books of contemporary children’s authors have been published. The Reading Badge and The Little Reading Badge are also widely recognized and traditional activities since they last for more than thirty years and they link preschool and school children with the library. The Fairytale Quizz is the activity exclusively for the preschool children in which the participants are also acquainted with the library itself, its departments and functions. There are several types of workshops that are conducted at the library: storytelling, educational, reading, ecological.However,some of them are close to the concept of library without the walls, meaning that the activity is performed outside the traditional library space. The new activities often combine technology and traditional librarianship – movie making, learning with robots, gaming, and they are developed in accordance with the acquisition of the new technological tools at the children’s department. At the same time, the traditional activities are enriched by the use of the new media, social networking and other on-line tools. The experimental activity such as Living Library was performed several times at The Public Library and has received wide recognition and appreciation.

Keywords: Public Library „Žarko Zrenjanin“ Zrenjanin, activities, children, young adults, The Poetic Relay, The Reading badge, workshops, new technologies


Vladimir Arsenić is a Senior Librarian at Zrenjanin Public Library. He graduated comparative literature from Tel Aviv University. From April to June 2000 he had been a visiting researcher at International Youth Library in Munich. He is editor-in-chief of a literary magazine Ulaznica which is published by Zrenjanin Library.
Maja Kačarić is a children’s librarian at Zrenjanin Public Library. From March to August 2017 she held the managerial position at Vršac Public Library. She is conducting different educational, ecological and creative workshops and activities of the Children’s department in Public Library Zrenjanin, mostly with school and preschool children.

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