Programmes and Activities to Encourage Young People’s Creativity in an Elementary School Library (in Serbia)

A school library is the place of library-informational, educational and cultural activities of the school. Developing and adopting reading skills in students in a school library, can be achieved by carrying out projects that are both in the service of encouraging reading,creativity and acquiring basic life competencies and skills and they are up-to-date in Serbia and are envisaged by curriculum and teaching program from the first grade of primary school.

The aim of this work is to present several school projects of librarians and groups of teachers ( Beatlemania, Shakespeare – contemporary and interlocutor of all the epochs, Travel to the past, Poetry Club …), which are realized thanks to the dedicated work and ideas of school librarians, and to show that manifestations and programs that are held every year do not have to be template, but always different, better and with much more content. The quality of such activities of the school library of the elementary school “Dušan Jerković” in Uzice was also recognized by the Institute for the Improvement of Education and Upbringing because it included 5 examples of this kind of work in its database of successful extracurricular activities, which were given to schools from all over Serbia for the Competition, which was open from October 2017 to the end of January 2018. This additionally affirms and makes the work of school librarians more visible, who are not recognized as adequate personnel in the Serbian educational system, which can turn students on cognitive and explorative activities during lifelong learning.

This type of activities enables students to have contemporary, active and creative work. There is positive, stimulating communication, cooperation and improvement of the quality of knowledge. By introducing such model of extracurricular activities, students tend to recognize the school library as a place for quality leisure spending.

Key words: school librarian, extracurricular activities, creativity, cooperation, knowledge quality, marketing of the school library

Mirjana Radovanović Pejović, school librarian,MA in Philology,  participant of  library conferencesas well as expert meetings in Serbia and the region. Board member of Serbian Association of School Librarians. Winner of the SASL Award “Mina Karadžić” for the best school librarian in 2016.

Ana Duković, school librarian and teacher, MA in Philology. She puts special emphasis on developing student competences for lifelong learning. Participant of library conferences as well as expert meetingsin Serbia and the region.

Marina Jevtić, the English language and literature teacher. Participant of library conferences as well as expert meetingsin Serbia and the region. She puts special emphasis on extracurricular activities. Chairman of the humanitarian association branch “ Parent“- Užice.

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