New Paradigm in Reading – the Book Trailer

Changes in society and technology development make direct influence on our approach, goals and the way we promote reading and modeling good readers taste. Modern public library is forced to introduce innovations in promotion of library materials, specially books. Libraries are facing new age with the focus on visual art more than reading. We are facing reading decrease in modern world due to faster life and problems with focusing on longer text. Specially teenagers who become very inpatient and want only short information. Half of the world is on line today. Regardless the device people use they spend 1900 minutes online, that means 30 hours monthly. Half of that time is on social media. Young people have need to follow, like, share. If that is a key interest why wouldn’t they do that with the books? That’s why we need new paradigms in reading like book trailer. We need proactive approach and use their interest in technology to improve their skills and abilities as a opposition to bad and often vulgar content on social network. In this paper I will introduce program for encouraging reading among children and young people using book trailer. How do we carry it out and its advantages.

Dunja Brkin Trifunović graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, group-Serbian literature in 2010.
Librarian in Public library „Jovan Popović“, Kikinda,  works on planning, organizing and promoting cultural events for children and adults, responsible for creating content that the library post on social networks and the official website. 

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