LUTVID FEST: Librarian Festival of puppetry and the book trailers

Puppetry and the book trailers are shown as two sides of the children play: archaic and contemporary and both of them PL “Filip Višnjić” used in an idea of Festival started in 2016, in which both are in purpose of promoting reading. The same book as a base for a puppetry play, paravan-type for younger primary scholars and the book trailer for older primary scholars as unique team representing their creative ways of reading in this kind of competition. The main aim of Library is to gather children from different cities and countries in exchanging their reading experience, and to collect a special funds of non book materials: puppetry and electronic resources of book trailers. Every puppet is a novel hero and after every play one of them stays permanent in Library own, as thou the trailers stays in its electronic version in library base.

Jelena Kalajdžija (1986), librarian and MA professor of literature. Interested in popularisation of creative ways of reading from birth to late ages. Librarian handbooks published: “Under the Book’s Roof: the Social Responsibility within the Management of the Public Libraries” (Novi Sad, 2014) “Creative Consumption of Culture: New Reading Modes” (Bijeljina, 2018)

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