Digitalisation and Gamification in Tampere City Library: Motivating School Kids and Teachers to Use the Library

Booktalk with Kahoot!

In the booktalks for the 8th graders we introduce the literary genres. To engage and involve the participants to the booktalk, we use the, which is free game-based learning platform that is used a lot in our schools. The students can vote for the theme they find most interesting. For example in science fiction we have two options to choose from: time travel or space invaders. The librarians will talk only about the theme that gets the most votes from the students. game – getting to know the library

For many years, we have offered to the 4th and the 7th graders a visit to the library, which includes a tour around the building and an introduction to our services and the net library. Now we have an educational game, that gives the students a chance to explore the library by themselves. In the game there is a map of the library and different tasks and questions that the students will have to answer. This is an answer to teachers’ requests to make the library visits more action-based and now the kids are learning by doing themselves. The Seppo-platform is created by a Finnish company, and we have bought licenses for each library in our city.

Reading diploma application

In addition to the paper version of the reading diploma of our library, we have created a mobile application. The paper lists get lost more often that the kids’ mobile phones, in which the application keeps the book lists always in their pockets. With the mobile applications, it’s easy to keep track of progress, and you also have a direct link to the library database to see if the book you are interested in is available.

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