A Fairy Tale in the Library

Sessions as encouragement to read

Along with its main functions, defined by law, modern 21st century library transforms into a place for teaching ICT literacy skills, democratic dialogue, digitization of cultural heritage, competence building etc.

How to attract children and teenagers to reading, how to include books and library in their daily routine?

The library should be spacious and equipped with modern ICT devices, instruments, models… How can it fulfill its purpose in small-town or rural environment with very modest equipment? The key is people, the main resource we have. The answer is –well-planned actions, well prepared sessions for children who see it as a shelter. Each event should correspond to children’s expectations,which requires a lot of work, imagination, creativity, empathy and staff sympathetic to children with special needs. Thereafter, we can obtain important data by evaluating sessions, making it easier to plan future actions. Sessions should be diverse and help us expand the circle of users or visitors.

Some of the activities we held: Reading fairy tales to the youngest, Magical mask, My puppeteer story, Happy Friday, New Year’s magic, Children’s week, Successful learning, Creative writing, My dreamcatcher, Enchantress winter,Little Prince’s Journey,Was the ugly duckling really ugly…All sessions required very little material (colored paper, pencils, markers), and in the first part of each children made models, masks etc., to use them later in acting or other activities. All sessions were based on literary works, which we discussed later, to proceed with different activities. In this way, children’s love of reading increased, what is evident from the increasing number of library subscribers and children, interested in the library’s programs.

The key to success lies in motivated librarians, enthusiastically working with children, and the joy and smiles of happy kids.

Jelka Panić
Born: 05/07/1978
Graduated from the Philological Faculty (Russian language and literature)
Russian language teacher and director in primary school “Rajko Mihajlović”, Banjani
Director of the Library “Božidar Knežević” in  Ub, Serbia (2018-present)
Passed the state exam in both Library sciences and Russian language
Languages: Russian, English
Married with four children

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