The local public library collects, keeps and promotes homeland cultural heritage. It is a significant, long-lasting, hard and serious work. This is the reason why the Library and the Museum “educate” children and young people to know “all about their homeland from A to Z”, so that besides the acquired knowledge and the title of the “homelanders”, they can also be the promoters and keepers of local cultural heritage. Their homeland is in their hearts – always and everywhere.

In realization since 2008.

„Knowledge is important, and the most important is the knowledge about homeland“, is a message which is sent at the first meeting of the “course on homeland” by the professional workers of the Library and the Museum to the attendees, the six graders of the Knjazevac elementary schools. 

Program objective: Promotion of cultural and other values of homeland, significance of education, knowledge and being informed.

Special objectives of the program: Development of awareness on significance of use of the library and information resources and funds of the Library and the Museum; acquiring of knowledge on homeland; raising knowledge of general culture.

Authors: Vladana Stojadinovic, librarian, Milena Milosevic Micic, art historian and Bojana Ilijic, archeologist

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